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Start a Net Zero Campaign

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Saving the Planet is everyone’s business. You have taken the first step by offsetting your carbon footprint. Everyone else needs to follow if we are to change the world.


Educate & Recruit

Begin by copying one of these two links to every email and text you send: Saving the Planet is everyone’s business (QR code above) or Reach out to family and friends. Let them know how they can offset and do a lot of good for underserved communities. Neighborhood chat groups or mom’s pages are particularly effective in getting the word out to a greater network.

Campaign Organizing

The Carbon Foundation is focused on deploying free technology to underserved communities. That same technology can be used to displace greenhouse gases in your community. For example, if you recruit local charities, organizations, churches, schools, etc., with HVAC systems, the Carbon Foundation will retrofit that equipment, too. A campaign could start with a minimum of 100 tons of refrigeration, and there is no maximum. Campaign organizers would recruit sufficient tax-deductible contributions to cover $60 per ton of HVAC capacity. The Carbon Foundation would arrange for professional installation, and Mission 6 would certify 2 Metric Tons of CO2e (equivalent) avoided for every ton of HVAC retrofitted. The economic benefits would be the same as in underserved communities, with up to 10X payback in lower utility expenses. We can be reached at


Student Leaders

Generations Z and Alpha, get it. Their future world is forming today. Students can gain valuable leadership experience and college credentials by organizing local net zero campaigns. First, by educating peers and their families on actively engaging in the climate fight. Below are some good reference articles. Second, as indicated above, the Carbon Foundation will support community efforts to deploy decarbonization technologies at low-cost factors.

Educational References


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