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The Carbon Foundation is a non-profit. Ninety percent of donations go to funding carbon offset projects.


Mission 6 acquires technology distribution rights on behalf of the Carbon Foundation. These rights secure deep discounts to prevailing commercial terms, e.g., 65% off retail market price. This enables the Carbon Foundation to provide technologies to underserved communities free of charge. It keeps the subscription price competitive with high-quality offsets.


Carbon mitigation solutions are permanent, i.e., for the remaining useful life of retrofitted equipment. Decarbonization is calculated by a forensic-quality, M&V platform. Overall CO2e displacement is verified through machine data inputs, 3rd party-generated modeling, and accepted government or industry formulae, e.g., NOAA, DOE, EIA, EPA, ASHRAE, and AHRI. Retrofitted machines are monitored annually over the lifespan of a project. When combined with the compelling societal benefits, this produces the highest quality, most reliable carbon offsets in the industry.

Guiding Principles for Technology Selection


Discover scalable emerging technologies that displace GHG.


Select technologies to incubate that also generate compelling societal benefits.


Secure distribution rights and discounted pricing so technologies can be widely deployed, free of charge, in underserved communities.

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